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Art Gallery and Exhibition Shop

United Kingdom​

80% of sales profits go to artists - buy ltd editions until November - make politics about hope again

Robyn Makings 
"Now, more than ever, it is important for us to use our collective voices to speak up for the marginalised, and speak out against injustices, wherever we see them. We are stronger united, and collective action starts with commitment of the individual."
Instagram: @robynmakesthings
Silent Solidarity, 2024
Vincenzo Cohen 
"The work describes the shipwreck of Cutro on February 26, 2023, when some migrants from Afghanistan in search of salvation on a gulet lost their lives into the sea, receiving no supports from Italian government. The dark tones that describe the scene convey a sense of restlessness and agony. The work denounces the superpower of Italian fascist politicians.."

Shipwreck at Cutro, 2023
Mark Frendo at ArtFrendo

"At ArtFrendo we try to make our prints fun, and politics is a long way from fun, so we hope these prints can make politics fun!"
Instagram: @theartfrendo

Top Trumps Trump, 2024
O Yemi Tubi 
Instagram: @oyemit

Message in a Bottle, oil on canvas, 2024
Shefali Wardell

Interdisciplinary drawing artist, 
writer, researcher, curator.
Instagram: @ShefaliWardell

Kippers, coloured pencil, 2018
Lidia Lidia
Instagram: @justlidialidia
X @justlidialidia

Space Force, installation, 2019
Sean BW Parker
Writer, artist and lecturer in art, cultural theory and justice reform

Andy Malkinson, 2022
Alex Thomas

Instagram: @alexthomascreative

Alex Thomas, digital, 2024
Beckett Buckett

Instagram: @beckett.buckett
TikTok: Beckettbuckett

Save a Horse, 2024
Gen Doy

Instagram: @pepedoy

Kirsty Bunce


Not Your Bird, digital 2024
Cynthia Eisenberg
Instagram: @cynthiaeisenberg
Mariano Alvarez

We are not the same, we are all different. Each of us with our

original mark, we shape the energy of life

Geometry Drawings
Dianne Murphy

Instagram: @diannemurphyartist

Space Scout

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