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Art Gallery and Exhibition Shop

United Kingdom​

80% of sales profits go to artists - buy ltd editions until November - make politics about hope again


Good Things Happen to Bad People - Art and Illustration 2016 to 2024 is a 9 month long exhibition from March to November 2024. As well as an online gallery and shop here, the show will be taken around a range of pop-up locations in the UK during its running period. Follow the project social media, or sign up to the mailing list to be the first to know and so you don't miss the work in the flesh. 

All work for the show is licensed and will be sold in a limited edition with exhibition branding. In an experimental business model, artists do not pay to enter, do not pay to participate and receive 80% of profits from sales both online and during the pop-up events. This means if you buy a piece from the show it is only available through the project and for this limited time, and you are also genuinely helping support an independent artist. 

2024 is the biggest election year in history. Over 4.2 billion people will be eligible to participate in regional and national elections over the course of the year. Will this make a difference to the global outlook? Will it make a difference to people's everyday lives? We don't know yet but in a way we are all watching from the side lines and holding our breath. 2016 and 2024 also bookends a range of political events in the UK and the USA, so this is the reason for the span of the art and illustration. It documents a time. However, this isn't about creating more anger, division or inflammation. Much of what this exhibition aims to document are personal and social hopes, fears and aspirations about the way we live and have been living in the last decade. It is not really too much about party politics and nation states. Is this a time where we want things to get better, for everyone in humanity and not just the people we agree with? Do people want change? Will people turn out to vote and when will humans realise that we are not part of the problem, but that we are the whole problem.

An independent show, Good Things Happen to Bad People does not have an agenda beyond allowing people a chance to participate again. Whether through repressive government or a sense of apathy, anger and confusion, many of those 4.2 billion people will not vote this year. Of those who do, will our hopes and dreams be met? This show was visually inspired by the 1960s, '70s and '80s, as well as a sense of hope and joy of participating or having an opinion about the little things that affect everyday life in society. Artists and Illustrators may submit what they wish to the show but it is presented in the spirit of joy and of the will to build something better than we have now.  It is less about the anger and division often fuelled by the media, by social media, by algorithms and rather about what we can do in a positive way together, even in dark times. 

Notes about the show: Putting illustration on an even footing with fine-art, licensed products include high quality fine-art prints and the type of merch that illustrators often make. However, each piece is designed for a reason and is a one-off only available from this site or from one of our physical pop-ups. All show staff are paid at least just above London living wage, and it is not run on the free internships or work experience deals that many shows are. The exhibition catalogue is available at a pre order price until November 29th and it will document the whole show as well as the artists who participated. Thereafter you will be able to buy from the publisher, or borrow from a library.  Thank you for visiting the gallery, spreading the word or buying an item and for supporting contemporary independent art and curation. 

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